BSA In Conjunction With BOA To Host 50th Anniversary Premier Squash Championship

The 50th Anniversary Premier Invitational Squash Championship 2016, will be held on November  24th , 26th  and 27th  of 2016.

This event has been conceptualized to celebrate our 50th year of Independence and all Local National Sporting Associations have been invited by the BOA, to stage a Premier quality event in November of 2016.


There will be a Men’s Main Draw(16) and Women’s Main Draw(8) accompanied by Consolation Plates in both events, held over Three(3) days.

TO SIGN-UP, do one (1) of the following:

(1)    Complete and submit an entry form located on notice boards at Barbados Squash Club, Marine Gardens, Christ Church or Pleasant Place Squash Club, Dayrell’s road, Christ Church.

(2)     Signup Online at: >>> Search: BSA-BOA Premier Squash Championship >>> Online entry OR click link:

(3)    Complete the attached entry form and return to the Tournament Director at

 Space is limited so signup early, for this historic event.

Also, please see the attached Flyer for further information and contacts.

BSA-BOA Premier Championship Organising Committee (BBPCOC) – 2016