About Us

The Barbados Squash Association (BSA) is the officially recognized National Sports Federation (NF) that administers the IOC-recognized sport of squash The Barbados Squash Association (BSA) is the officially recognized National Sports Federation (NF) that administers the IOC-recognized sport of squash in Barbados. The BSA's main objectives are to promote and develop the game of squash wherever possible by the holding of Open and Closed Squash tournaments and events; upholding the rules; maintaining offices; generating press releases; undertaking public relations; selecting national teams (Junior / Senior / Veterans), both male and female and managing finances at the national level.

The BSA is recognized as a National Sports Federation by the Barbados Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) and the National Sports Council (NSC). The BSA is also a fully paid up member of the World Squash Federation (WSF), the Federación Panamericana de Squash (FPS), a.k.a. the Pan-American Squash Federation as well as the Caribbean Area Squash Association (CASA).


To continuously develop the sport of squash in Barbados by increasing the number of persons playing the sport; by raising and improving the profile of squash with the general public; by providing opportunities for player development at all levels and ages; by improving our administrators and officials – be they at Club level, National level, Regional or International level; and by achieving success in individual events and in doubles and team events that are held either locally or overseas - in competitions hosted by other territories in the Caribbean, the Pan-American region, the Commonwealth and at the World (WSF) level.

Our Objectives

  • To increase the national awareness and participation levels in the squash sport discipline.
  • To develop squash skills in players of all levels.
  • To host 4 major local, 2 regional and 1 international tournaments annually.
  • To create a culture of discipline and commitment to the sport among players while providing opportunities for them to develop professionally in the sport.
  • To be recognized as a hub for talented, dedicated sportspersons and attracting regional and international competition.
  • To create opportunities for advancement by way of academic scholarships and professional networking.
  • To build the squash community by attracting new members to the sport for developing a more active and healthy lifestyle.

BSA Council

The present council of the Barbados Squash Association was elected for the period 2020-2021, and comprises the following persons:
BSA TitleNameE-mail Address
PresidentDr. Kim Jebodhsingh[email protected]
Vice PresidentMr. Wm. Monty Cumberbatch[email protected]
Hon. SecretaryMs. Coral Farley[email protected]
Hon. TreasurerMr. Preston Parris
Assistant SecretaryMr. Sylvester Nurse
Council MemberMr. Julian Greig
Council MemberCaptain Michael Jules
Public Relations OfficerMr. Mark Wilson[email protected]
Immediate Past President

Council History

Below is a breakdown of our various committees and their primary functions:

Disciplinary Committee

To hear, investigate, determine and adjudicate on all matters of a disciplinary nature pertaining to squash - whether such activities are on court, off court, on tour, or during a BSA sanctioned tournament, or whether such activities relate to an individual, individuals, or a team from one of the squash clubs affiliated to the BSA.

Commercial Committee

To plan, initiate and co-ordinate projects and events for the specific purpose of accumulating funds for the BSA to use to finance national teams on overseas tours, hosting tournaments within Barbados, and for payment of any other expenses of the BSA.

Junior Development Committee

To co-ordinate efforts to introduce the game of squash to new junior players, and by means of a systematic coaching programme to also improve the standard of play of as many of the existing junior players as possible.

Tournament Committee

To determine the scheduling of tournaments, and then to organise and run them. This will include the preparation of the draw, timing of matches, recording of scores and final positions. Also responsible for the selection of tournament awards and trophies, after consultation with the Fund Raising Committee, and/or the Treasurer.

Selection and Ranking Committee

To select national training squads, national teams and recommend national team captains (for the confirmation of Council) for all local and overseas tournaments. (NB. Team managers are selected and confirmed by the full Council only). To prepare the end of year rankings for local players, and to update such rankings throughout the year and provide seedings to the Tournament Committee or the Tournament Committee of any affiliated club for all local BSA sanctioned tournaments.

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

To co-ordinate with the Tournament Committee to ensure that results of tournaments are published in the local press, to increase public awareness about the game of squash, and generally to improve the public image of the BSA and market the game of squash in Barbados.

Squash Development Committee

To formulate a developmental (i.e. strategic) plan for the BSA for the medium to long term, for Council's consideration, approval, and implementation.

Additional monetary or equipment donations to the BSA are always welcome, and in general will be used to assist with the development of junior squash in Barbados.

The History of Squash

Check out these links which tell the story of squash.

The modern game of squash is fast and furious. Here are some YouTube clips that show some great points:


Annual membership is available to the squash-playing public.

Annual membership subscription fees are due on January 1st each year as follows:

  • Adults (19 years and over) - Bds$50 per year
  • Juniors (under 19 years) - Bds$10 per year

All players who wish to participate in a BSA-sanctioned tournament must be paid-up BSA members.

Cheques can be written to "Barbados Squash Association" and passed on to a BSA council member or posted to our official mailing address.