Junior CASA 2015

Barbados players show their strength

Junior Casa 2015 Teams

From Saturday 18th July to Monday 20th July, players from Barbados, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Guyana, Jamaica, the O.E.C.S, and Trinidad and Tobago hit the courts at the Barbados Squash Club in Marine Gardens, Hastings, to fight it out for the title of the 33rd CASA Junior Caribbean Squash Championships.

All the court-side action kicked off with the Individual Championships, where Barbados brought home five gold and one silver medal. See all the individual Tournament results here.

Barbados’ junior squash players are proving to be a formidable force in regional squash.

Our squash medallists


Samairaa Suleman (gold)

Although it was Samairaa’s first year on the Barbados team, and only her second CASA appearance, she took home the Under 13 Girl’s title and won gold for her home country:

Sunday 19/7 beat Kirsten Gomes (Guyana) 3-11 2-11 1-11
Sunday 19/7 beat Abigail Brewer (Bermuda) 11-5 4-11 retired
Monday 20/7 beat Chelsie Samuel (Barbados) 12-10 12-10 9-11 11-6

Chelsie Samuel (silver)

Also her first appearance representing Barbados, but her second time competing in CASA, Chelsie also stole the show for Barbados with a silver medal-winning performance in the Under 13 Girl’s division (only beaten by her team mate Samairaa Suleman):

Sunday 19/7 beat Lauren Fullerton (Cayman Islands) 5-11 3-11 5-11
Sunday 19/7 beat Giovanna Miller-Alexaner (Eastern Caribbean) 5-11 9-11 12-10 8-11
Monday 20/7 beaten by Samairaa Sulemann (Barbados) 12-10 12-10 9-11 11-6

Meagan Best (gold)

Meagan has been representing Barbados since 2011 and was the Under 13 Girls champion for the last two years. This year she won the gold medal in the Under 15 Girls division in her first year at this level:

Saturday 18/7 beat Aimee De Verteuil (Trinidad and Tobago) 11-1 11-1 11-1
Sunday 19/7 beat Jade Pitcairn (Cayman Islands) 11-2 11-2 11-6
Monday 20/7 beat Makeda Harding (Guyana) 11-1 11-2 11-0

Amanda Haywood (gold)

Since joining Junior CASA in 2010, Amanda has won both the Under 13 and Under 15 squash titles. This year, she is the Under 17 Girls champion, winning gold again for Barbados:

Sunday 19/7 beat Sarah Lewis (Guyana) 4-11 1-11 4-11
Sunday 19/7 beat Alexandria Yearwood (Trinidad and Tobago) 3-11 4-11 4-11
Monday 20/7 beat Alyssa Mullings (Jamaica) 7-11 8-11 4-11


Khamal Cumberbatch

The national Under 15 Boys champion, Khamal played unbeaten throughout the CASA championship this year. He is now the Under 15 Boys 2015 CASA gold medallist:

Sunday 19/7 beat Adam Ardito (Jamaica) 11-7 11-7 11-1
Sunday 19/7 beat Daniel Islam (Guyana) 11-2 11-5 11-4
Monday 20/7 beat Kai Bentick (Eastern Caribbean) 11-9 11-3 11-2

Shemane (Josiah) Griffith

Shemane played unbeaten throughout 2014, and now at his forth CASA appearance this year, he can add the Under 17 Boys division winner to his playing credentials:

Saturday 18/7 beat Alexander Cheeks (Guyana) 11-3 11-2 11-3
Sunday 19/7 beat Dylan Pratt (Bermuda) 11-4 11-1 11-1
Sunday 19/7 beat Tahjia Lumley (Jamaica) 11-5 11-1 6-11 11-6
Monday 20/7 beat Benjamin Mekdeci (Guyana) 10-12 3-11 12-10 2-11

Barbados also team champs!

Barbados also took the Girl’s Team Championship Title and came second in the Boy’s team division, showing they have strength in numbers as well.

Congratulations to all who participated and thank you to all sponsors and supporters.